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New Doors Will Change Your House And Your Life

How can we, the professional contractors at Roofing-Pro, make such a bold statement? Because we know it’s true!

New doors will definitely help enhance your home’s appearance from the street; they will also increase your interior environment’s energy efficiency, which will assuredly reduce the impact of utility bills on your budget and absolutely strengthen your family’s safety precautions.

At Roofing-Pro, all of our doors are designed and manufactured to give you the widest choice of colors, styles and degrees of formality to best accent, complement and improve your home’s curb appeal. These doors have been engineered to offer greater structural strength and stronger locking devices to provide increased security for your family. And doors such as ours, with high energy efficiency ratings, mean less of your expensive heated or cooled air escapes from your home, so your family’s energy bills will be lower.

Whatever type of door you need for your family home, Roofing-Pro professionals are the Triad area experts, ready to answer all your questions and give you the best guidance during your decision-making process.

Entry Doors

Entryways from Roofing-Pro offer the very features that are important to your family.

  • The highest quality of workmanship and materials that will produce the greatest resilience in all types of weather and climate extremes
  • Steel-reinforced locks and deadbolt systems to provide the best security for your family
  • Energy StarTM ratings that guarantee the highest standard of energy efficiency available with modern technology
  • A wide variety of style choices from door size to construction materials to decorative and functional hardware choices

French Doors

With a touch of class, an elegant French door will add style to homes of almost any architectural design.

  • Single panel doors that feature the smooth, uninterrupted look of one uninterrupted pane of glass for a contemporary look
  • Divided lite doors with multiple panes of glass that provide a more traditional accent, available in five, ten or 15 panes in each door to suit your taste
  • Available in the more typical transparent glass along with beveled panes or colored decorative glass panels
  • Insulated glass options are available for openings that access the outdoor environment

Sliding Doors

Custom sliding patio doors frame your property’s natural beauty and allow natural light to flow in without sacrificing security or comfort.

  • Heavy-duty construction with steel reinforcements, insulated glass and full weather-stripping ensure durability and insulation against the outdoor elements.
  • Smooth ball bearing rollers on the aluminum track give effortless, easy operation for any family member.
  • Many of our styles are reversible, offering an added degree of customization.

Storm Doors

Weathertight, yet attractive, storm doors will insulate your home from winter’s freezes and snows or summer’s heat and storms.

  • Designed for beauty while offering excellent weather protection and resistance to corrosion
  • Completely customized for the tightest, most energy-efficient fit in any door opening
  • Totally secure locking mechanisms for enhanced security

No matter what type of door your home needs – entryway, French, sliding or storm – we are your best resource for information, advice and installation. Our local, family-owned business has been serving our friends and neighbors in the Triad area for three generations and our success has been built on honesty, hard work and a sincere respect for our customers.

Need More?

At Roofing-Pro, we offer a wide range of services to bring your family home up-to-date with energy usage or to improve its overall appearance for re-sale or simply to increase your family’s enjoyment of its living environment.

Whether it’s the installation of a new roofing system, replacement of old windows, addition of vinyl siding or addition of new doors, we want you to be more than satisfied with your products, the workmanship and our customer service. Call us at 336-841-1222 or complete the online request form and we will give you a free estimate for your home project.