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5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Are you in the market to change the whole look of your home? You can do it affordably with vinyl siding. This home protection has been around since the 1950s, as it sought to replace aluminum siding and wood shingles on American homes.

Today’s siding is more durable than ever before, requiring very little maintenance to look beautiful for years. Let’s see why 33 percent of homeowners (and rising) choose vinyl siding for their homes.

Less Expensive than Redwood or Cedar with Faster Installation

Many people would rather put their décor dollars into the insides of their home where they live every day, but they still want their home’s exterior to look good.

With affordable prices and faster installation time – which also leads to cost savings if you’re having your siding professionally installed – vinyl provides a clean and fashionable look at a lower cost than other options.

Some vinyl siding can even be installed over existing coverings, further reducing installation time.


Material formulations and installation techniques have improved since the 1950s when this building material was first introduced. Today, vinyl siding should last for decades without cracking, buckling or rotting.

Vinyl siding has been tested and proven to withstand hurricane force winds, as well as resist heat, cold and moisture for long-lasting performance.

We offer a lifetime warranty on many of our vinyl siding products and installation, because we stand by its durability.

Helps Reduce Home Cooling and Heating Bills

If you select insulated vinyl siding for your home, you’ll benefit from lower cooling bills during North Carolina’s hot summers. The siding reduces thermal bridging and can even help new construction meet requirements as an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home.

Very Little Maintenance Required

For many homeowners, vinyl siding’s biggest benefit is that you never need to paint it. To keep your home’s exterior looking its best, wash it every spring with a solution of mild soap and water to prevent mold and mildew.

Vinyl siding does tend to fade in the warm North Carolina sun, which is why we offer light color options, to extend the life of your siding and keep it looking great on your home for decades.

A Variety of Color & Style Options to Get the Look You Want for Your Home

While you may not want to choose a dark slate gray or deep colonial blue for your siding because the deep colors will fade over time, you do have a myriad of color and style options to choose from. The Vinyl Siding Institute has certified more than 350 colors. You can choose from styles that mimic the look of wood or slate. Whatever the architectural style of your home, vinyl siding will fit right in.