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Commercial Roofing

Choose Roofing-Pro for Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Business owners, do your office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping malls, manufacturing plants or warehouses need some professional commercial roofing attention? Building committees, do the roofs of your churches, non-profits, schools or medical facilities need maintenance help? Homeowners’ association board members, have your condominiums, residential neighborhoods or retirement communities suffered roof damage or roof aging? Whatever your situation, Roofing-Pro offers all the high-quality, trustworthy commercial roofing services you need.

At Roofing-Pro, we know how crucial it is to keep your commercial roofing systems in good repair. Whether it is the installation of a completely new roof system, repair of an existing roof or regularly scheduled roof maintenance to prolong its life and conserve your expenditures, whether your needs are associated with new construction or involve repair or renovation, we are experienced in all aspects of industrial and commercial roofing.

Types of Commercial Roofing to Consider

Built Up – This type of commercial roofing has three components. Felt, comprised of glass, organic or polyester fiber, is used to reinforce the materials and provide “give and take” flexibility. Bitumen acts as an adhesive and as waterproofing. The surface, then, can be smooth or textured to complete the system.

Modified Bitumen – A plastic- or rubber-based binder is added to asphalt and applied in many layers at the manufacturing stage to enhance the commercial roofing material’s strength. This type of roof can stand harsh weather conditions without tearing or being pierced.

Single-Ply EDM – Sometimes referred to as rubber roofing, this is a membrane made from rubber-polymer. This commercial roofing is tough and exhibits resistance to extreme temperatures, harsh sunlight and moisture damage. It’s lightweight, easy to install and adaptable to any architectural roof shape.

Thermoplastics PVC/TPO Single-Ply – The PVC commercial roofing product has strong solvent-welded or hot-air-welded seams. The TPO version combines hot-air welding with single-ply material. Both of these technically-advanced systems are attractive, lightweight and durable.

Remember, a quality commercial roofing system is comprised of the material that is visible, of course, but also includes the underlayment, accessories and ventilation components. The professionals at Roofing-Pro have the training, skills and experience to advise you about what is best for your specific roofing project.

Other Roofing-Pro Services

At Roofing-Pro, you can trust and depend on our certification as a CertainTeed Select Shingle Master contractor to guarantee that, when it comes to roof systems, we offer the highest quality products, the most professional workmanship and the backing of CertainTeed’s top-of-the-line warranty.

Also, proper maintenance of your new roof will extend its life, which will lessen your long-term expenses. We can provide a scheduled maintenance program tailored to your specific property, which will expand the length of time between replacements. We will continually inspect, assess and recommend any work that needs to be done to preserve your roof’s functionality and dependability.

Along with commercial roofing, we offer maintenance-free vinyl siding installation, energy-efficient window replacement, and all related services including caulking, decking, edging, flashing, gutters and vents. With more than a decade of providing top-quality work by experienced professionals who reflect our family values, you can trust us to treat your project as if you were family.